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See the end of the work for more notes. This definitely was the least place you wanted to be.

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An old mansion, a trap made of dark green marble, full of despair and death eaters. You didn't come here by your own choice, after all. Everything about this place made you feel cold and lonely and slightly anxious. You stepped out from the room of decisions, there was no turning back now.

various harry potter x reader

In a blur you heard someone tell you to come to the dining room. Clutching to the seal of your future on your right forearm, you tried hastily to return to the big hall. Your legs shook and almost gave up, not wanting to obey as you had to almost pull yourself forwards by clutching to the walls of the corridors. You almost felt delirious, the sly figures that were scurrying past looked like dirty, drawn out shadows in your state of mind.

Where was this dining room supposed to be? Every corridor just looked the same, every floor, every wall, every door looked like an evil promise, ready to devour you and spit out a few bones and a lost soul. Eventually, someone grabbed your arm tightly and pulled you through a large double-leaf door.

It looked just like the entrance to hell and you tried to fight the force that was pulling you inside, without success. For a second you were struck by the massive horde of people here. In a blink of an eye you were pushed down to sit at a large table that was made of black marble. The world around you spun and you tightly clutched to the mark on your forearm. It hurt and made you feel vulnerable, only adding to your delirious state.

Cringey Harry Potter Imagines [CC]

Without looking at the person that was sitting at the end of it, you know who it was. He who shall not be named. He raised his voice and it instantly pierced through your ears, making your fingers claw into the hem of your shirt.

How much you despised him, hated him, but… a thought came to your mind. If the room was so full of people, then he had to be here too! Your gaze darted over the crowd, searching for pitch black, feather like curls, for eyes that were so black, they could make you feel like drowning only by looking into them for too long. But in your state, the contours blurred together, hiding the person you were so desperately looking for in a pattern of all shades of grey and dark green.

You had returned to the small room in which you were supposed to sleep in. Except you were only lying awake on your bed, staring out of the window. It was pointless to try to sleep because the pain in your arm was not fading the slightest.If it was any average day, you would have been sleeping in bed still.

You could have been talking to your best friend, pet your cat, dreamt over your future…. You were accepted to Hogswarts School of Sandwhichery and Whizardrools two years ago. You were the typical Slytherin badass, ruling the school and not caring about absolutely anything besides schoolwork because that kinda helped you graduate and stuff. You stayed away from everyone, but you never made enemies with any of the students.

It was mostly the teachers that got on your nerves anyway. You sighed, taking your abstract art printed suitcase, which held your wallet, a notebook, a sketchbook, two gel pens white and blackyour pencil, and your It was a magic school. The closest you could get to your dream job was a history professor Using magic as a liability? Yes, mother was a muggle named Helen.

You loved your mother, but she was a bit picky when it came to your future. The only unrealistic risk she would let you choose was writing, but you really would rather draw for a living. Do artists in this school rely on magic to create their art for them?

Where was the fun in that?

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Could they mix their own paints? Could they apply charcoal properly without smearing everything? It was a nifty tool in your arsenal, but a headache usually ensued afterwards, along with the feeling of forgetting something. The side effects were more severe the longer you held time, thus why you never stopped time to draw a portrait of Professor McGonagall whenever she made those extremely strange facial expressions.

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Maybe it was a curse, but this curse helped you get through life sometimes. You had no intentions of worrying her with something so trivial as a headache, or stopping time to save a turtle from getting crashed by a car. She needed to focus on saving whoever helped pay the bills that month. They looked nice, but they were still a pain to get on and such.

Fed up // Fred x Reader, SMUT!

Why not allow the boys to be shirtless and the girls can wear halter tops and shorts?The final installment the series came out when I was 16, and every year since then, I've reread the Harry Potter series many times. This means that, while I was roughly the same age as the characters during my initial reading, I've since been able to return to the series and have read it through new, adult eyes. And these new adult eyes are way more in-tune to sexual innuendos in Harry Potter that younger me missed the first time around.

Seriously people, this series can be filthy. If I had actually gotten some of these jokes the first time around, I would have blushed and gone to confession like the good Catholic girl that I was when I was younger. I, of course, would also have to explain reading a book about wizardy and witchcraft.

From jokes about wandwork to a planet joke that wouldn't be out of place in a high school locker room, I can't believe I missed half of these growing up. Below are my seven favorite sex jokes in the Harry Potter seriesthough I'm sure I'm probably missing a bunch of equally great lines. I guess my next reread will have to be devoted to keeping an eye out for innuendos.

I totally didn't get this joke when I was 12 I lived a very sheltered life. Well, you might have been able to fool me when I was 12 J.

Get a little butterbeer in old McLaggen and apparently he gets quite handsy. The Devil's Snare is no joke, so if McLaggen was that bad then I hope our girl handled him the same way she handled the Snare in the first book.

It really shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Ron would be chosen to deliver some of the novel's best innuendos. I love the idea of Fred and George sitting Ron down, giving him this book, and teaching him all about charming witches, with and without the use of "wandwork.

Obviously,year-old wizards are no different from your average sex-focused year-old Muggle boys. Remember boys: It's not the size of your wand, it's what you can cast with it. Bill, you dog, you. Considering Fleur would eventually become Mrs. Bill Weasley, you can bet these two were up to a little bit more than English lessons.Can I request a Sirius x reader where he finds her as animagus cat and become super close and always tries to take her to his room and class and everywhere but like.

My English, not that great? Credits to their original owners. You had tried for months, followed every step. Of course, nobody knew.

You had to keep a leaf of a Mandrake in your mouth for an entire month and you could honestly say that it sucked. Lily had even insisted for you to visit Madam Pomfrey. But you managed to escape that.

harry potter various x reader

She would know instantly. If you could, you would very much like to be a lion or a tiger or even a cat. You knew that your form would represent your personality and you liked to think that you, just like a cat, can show all the affection in the world if someone had earned it but was independent and very well self-sufficient.

And it was cute. You had read that your animagus form and your Patronus could be the same. There was an exception, though. Your Patronus could change- so it would represent the soul of your significant other. The crush was formed the very moment you laid eyes on him.

But you were not that great when it came to actions. You just sat back while he slept with everyone. Literally everyone. What could you do anyways?

So, here you were.

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Your first transformation. You felt dizzy-like you had been drinking for a while. Kind of light headed. You looked down. Small paws? You wanted to squeal in happiness and excitement but all you managed to do was meow. You stopped walking because two strong hands picked you up, gently. You wanted to tell them to put you back down that instant but again, you just meowed.Originally posted by gifsme. After that, she keeps crying and Draco tries to cheer her up and they kiss.

I did my best to finish it today because of my full schedule.

I.c. frascati 1

Originally posted by crystelgreene. The good part was the loyal friends you got by your side and the bad…well the bad are the slytherins always trying to offend you somehow. Well, they were mostly hostage toward Harry not me but the fact I was ready to kill everybody who had said something bad about him was enough for a way the others to mockery him.

But besides the bad attitude we got in fifth year, I was more than happy to be with him. Half of the school thought he was a liar, a boy wanting an attention and I were just a chick using him to become famous and so on. However, Harry never paid so much attention to those words but I did. I tried not to but it was hurting to hear such lies.

He even said that if I wanted we would break up so he could see my smile again. I, of course, punched him slightly always exclaiming that he was much more important than some stupid students.

I did my best to stay focused when helping him with his homework but usually ended making out on the sofa in the common room. Today was just an ordinary Saturday. We had finally finished another rough week. Early in the morning I woke up and after dressing up, I headed towards the library. Why are you awake so early? Come on. Harry was reading something while Ron was eating…a lot, as usual. A smirked appeared on my face as I went to my boyfriend as quiet as I could.

He was facing me with his back so I used this opportunity to cover his eyes, well specifically his glasses. The boy jumped due to being surprised.

harry potter various x reader

His hands left the newspaper and touched mine trying to identify the person messing with him. There was a smile on his face which caused me to smile, too.He, on the other hand, smirked at you in disbelief. You looked around the hallway for a second, biting your lip. People were rushing by but most looked away until you saw someone watching you and the Gryffindor boy that was trying to get you on a date with him. The boy happened to be quite stubborn.

You stared down upon him since you were resting on one of the platforms that supported the big pillars in the hallway and smiled cheekily. Suddenly, you noticed someone appearing next to the boy. W-Why does McGonagall want to talk to me? It was unusual to see him only replying in short sentences since he tended to be rather cheerful.

Despite your utter confusion you followed him by intuition. All you could do was letting out a moan of surprise; it all happened so quickly.

You gasped when he let go of you for a second, your hands resting on his shoulders. It felt surreal; the spontaneity was leaving you utterly confused at this moment. But why?

harry potter various x reader

H-How come? Instead of replying, he just pressed his lips against yours once again, slightly pushing you against the wall. What were you supposed to reply now? When his tongue slid over your lower lip, something in your head told you to put your hands on his chest. It was all so strange; a few minutes ago, Fred had asked you to come along with him, and now, you were absorbed in intense kissing and touching.

It felt good, you actually liked it. Fred was now pressing you against the wall next to his bed and covered your neck in fierce kisses; he had been utterly sultry with you from the very first moment you had stepped into this dorm.

His hands were sliding over your thighs and arms before he let go of you, breathing heavily, whereupon his eyes wandered over your body for a moment before they caught yours.

It seemed as if he had switched the rather witty side of his character again when he looked at you. You let him do everything he wanted, and without doubt, you enjoyed having him drooling over you.

You chuckled at his words and gently fumbled on his tie before taking it off teasingly. Within the next few minutes, you removed his pullover and blouse as well and started covering his chest in kisses while his hands were moving down to your pants, fumbling on the buttons. He took out his wand and locked the door with a flick before turning to you again. It was obvious for you what to do and for some reason, his blatant determination was incredibly attractive to you.

ravenclaw reader

Now, you began to stroke his thighs and waist, giving him teasing glimpses. His hands brushed yours when you finally unbuttoned his pants slowly.Originally posted by tyjhoes. You and Draco had a very unexpected friendship. In fact, when people found out that the two of you were in fact friends they were incredibly surprised.

You were two very different people, with two very different social circles and two very different lives. But you and Draco understood each other and that understanding was what had lead to such a strong and solid relationship.

A relationship that you had always found hard to define. You had always thought that there was something more there than friendship.

When you would catch him staring or when your hand would brush by his you had always felt some sort of electricity. An electricity that you had always thought Draco felt too. That thought broke your heart. After months of the back and forth bickering between you two you finally had a fight. A fight that both of you had felt brewing ever since you had put this distance between him and you.

various harry potter x reader

You two had had fights before but not like this, never like this. This fight was filled with flushed cheeks, raised voices, and words you could never really take back no matter how hard you tried.

Draco was always good at finding the right words to hurt people, you had always knew that, but you never thought that he would use his words against you. You thought that maybe you should apologize, since you doubted that Draco ever would, and you did start the fight in the first place. You found yourself feeling very lonely without Draco. He was your closest friend, and though you did have other people to speak to it never felt the same.

So yes, you knew his name just like every other wizard in the wizarding world had, but you had never met him. You turned around to see Harry holding out your quill. You paused as your eyes caught a glimpse of white hair. There was Draco, walking out of the classroom laughing with the friends you had once considered your own.

He seemed fine without you. That statement had been true for a long time now, but only recently had it grown so much stronger.

He had said some hurtful things during your argument, but so had you, and he had thought that knew him well enough to know how hard it was for him to apologize. He was being stupid, even he knew that. The route of manipulation and spitefulness.