To be honest, I wasn't quite sure how much knowledge my 6th graders would have about theme before this lesson, so I prepared for a full introduction. Of course, as kids were walking in, I got a bazillion statements like, "I don't even know what theme is," or "What is a theme? I came prepared, though. On the PowerPoint slide, I placed the definition of theme. By the number of students who asked about theme, I knew that I really needed to take my time with this concept and I even ended up building in a second day of theme instruction--with the understanding that I'll visit it several more times throughout the year.

theme 6th grade ppt

I rarely use PowerPoints to introduce concepts, relying more on students discovering concepts. But, I thought direct instruction was more appropriate here, as it's something that they will need through their entire academic career. I liked that it had little excerpts of narrative in it and asked students to apply their knowledge. It was interactive, rather than strictly have students take notes.

When we got to the slides where it asks students to identify the themes of the excerpts, I gave them time to talk at their tables to arrive at an answer. Since it was the first time introducing the concept, there were different levels of mastery going on at each table and I wanted kids to feel comfortable sharing their thinking.

I might say something like, "Here Lanesha is bringing up the foster care system again and, since she's brought it up several times For their work time, I had the students read their own books, and identify some possible themes. I circulated and conferred with kids who generally have a hard time with new concepts. With my Gifted and Talented class, I pushed them to move beyond the obvious and list several themes. Students really struggled with things like over-explaining what the theme was.

This is when it was nice to remind them that the theme was like the bumper sticker--short and sweet! They also were confusing action with theme. For instance, in a conference with one student, he said that the theme in Divergent was that Tris was toughening up, and was making new friends, and was showing how fearless she is. For the Wrap-Up, I had students jot down what they thought the theme of their book was. Empty Layer. Home Professional Learning. BetterLesson reimagines professional learning by personalizing support for educators to support student-centered learning.

See what we offer. Sign Up Log In. Intro to Theme Add to Favorites 34 teachers like this lesson. SWBAT: identify the theme of our read-aloud, and transfer their knowledge of theme to their independent reading books. Big Idea Theme: the bumper sticker of the text! Lesson Author. Grade Level. Creative and Narrative Writing. Guiding Question 5 minutes. Mini Lesson 40 minutes. Work Time 15 minutes. Wrap Up 5 minutes. Previous Lesson.Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

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Teaching Theme with Songs

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Finding the theme of a text. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation? Why not share!

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Understanding Theme

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Privacy Policy Terms of Service. Toggle navigation. Filter By Career Clusters. Grade Levels. Animation Students are interested in animation careers and different forms of animation, as well as different software that is used to create animation. Nutrition is for everyone! Show More How it works? Learn more Contact Us.At the core of that conversation, however, is comprehension. To fully explore theme, students must understand what they read and then extract ideas from the text.

Plan reading and discussion around questions that your students are already grappling with, from What does it mean to be a good friend? Before they can identify and work with the theme of a story, your students need to have a strong grasp of the details: setting, character, plot.

When they work with theme, they have to synthesize all that information into an overarching message. Use anchor charts to outline the elements of the story or give students a graphic organizer to follow. Smith in 5th. Many students have difficulty differentiating between the main idea and the theme. The theme is the underlying message that the author wants to convey, whereas the main idea is what the story is mostly about. Teach these concepts separately and together.

You might practice identifying themes and main ideas using Disney films or the stories your students read last year in order to have a common reference point. After you review as a class, give students a list of themes and main ideas and challenge them to work in pairs to create matches.

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Theme is a difficult concept to grasp. Unlike the concreteness of setting or plot, theme is subtle and subjective. Move from simpler to more complex class assignments to help your students deepen their understanding. Next, they create different endings to the tale and work together to identify how the new ending affects the theme. Finally, students write their own plots to match a given theme. Watch a video of their how they approach teaching theme here.

Essential questions are open-ended, thought-provoking, and important in helping students develop their understanding of the theme. Questions like Why do people behave honestly? Intro to Text-Dependent Questions. Specific, targeted questions help focus students on the text. Instead, ask questions that draw from the text and require evidence to support theme.

Be ready to phrase questions about theme a few different ways because you never know which question s will resonate with students. Some questions that will encourage thinking about theme are: What did the author want us to think about? What idea stays with you? Of course, for many texts, there are often multiple themes and more than one way to express them. For example, if a student says the theme of Tuck Everlasting is living forever is a bad idea, you can work with the class to find different ways to express this thought.With state testing fast approaching, I have found myself carefully analyzing our benchmark assessments for instructional focus.

One of our identified areas to address includes identifying the theme of a passage. Being new to the grade level, I wasn't sure if this went beyond my familiar 3rd grade goal of understanding a fable.

After some work and research, I'm ready to share how you can teach theme in the upper grades. One way you can help your students decipher the difference between a theme and a summary is to start by simply labeling any charts you create for theme as " THE ME ssage.

It can be more complicated than the moral explicitly stated at the end of a fable. Also, a story or novel can have multiple themes woven throughout and go far beyond a word such as "friendship," though identifying a key word is a great first step in identifying a theme.

Taking the key word of friendship in the novel The Watsons Go to Birmingham—you can develop a theme. So, what are some common themes that are found in literature?

Beth Newingham addressed this in her postgeared for 3rd grade, while I am offering a more complex list of common themes found in literature, from young adult literature through the classics. You may also want to use this " 12 Common Themes Found in Literature " handout with your class. One way to track themes is to create a T-chart, with one side dedicated to identifying a theme, the other for recording supporting details that "prove it. And which books should you use to demonstrate and discuss themes?

I recommend, even in the upper grades, first using picture books. I believe it is also important to help your students understand that themes expand beyond books. Themes can be found all around us. Artists, for example, think carefully about portraying a theme for their audience.

There are entire sites dedicated to discussing themes found in movies and music. Try this in your room: Listen to the lyrics of a carefully selected song, such as "Cat's in the Cradle" to discuss theme, or try a familiar movie.

Below I have listed a few movies that can get your class started. One of the best ways to really dig deep and teach the concept of theme is through a novel study.

We are currently wrapping up The Watsons Go to Birmingham — in our room. When I was searching for some themes online I was able to find a complete teacher reading guide through Scholastic to support our talks see pp. From racism to humor to growing up, this teacher guide includes supporting details to expand the message we take away as a theme. Gary Paulsen strongly demonstrates the struggle of man vs.

If you read Paulsen's autobiography, My Life in Dog Yearsit makes sense that he often incorporates these themes into his novels. One thing I enjoy doing in our theme lessons is tying in skills taught previously. For example, it helps to think about the characters, setting, and plot before identifying a potential theme.

We also use the concept of main idea and supporting details to "prove" our selected theme. PDF graphic organizer. I am fortunate enough to be working in a school where a SmartBoard can be found in virtually every classroom.

theme 6th grade ppt

Like many teachers, I can't remember life before my board was installed. So you don't have a SmartBoard in your classroom? I was able to create a supporting PDF slide show as well. It does not have the same interactive elements found on the theme web in the SMART Notebook file, but it has a page gallery on the side that can help you navigate the pages with ease.

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11 Essential Tips for Teaching Theme in Language Arts

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theme 6th grade ppt

Bring your ideas to life with more customizable templates and new creative options when you subscribe to Microsoft Daycare flyer. Monthly college budget with photo. College newsletter. Back to school signs. COVID posters elementary school. COVID posters middle and high school. First day of school sign.The theme of a story is a message that the author is trying to express.

The author does not explicitly state the theme. To discover the theme, the reader must make some deductions concerning events in the story. Identifying the theme of a story can be challenging. Fortunately, as with all reading skills, practice makes perfect. These theme worksheets will help students achieve mastery of this essential reading skill. I recommend starting with the theme PowerPoint lesson posted below.

Also, you may be interested in my advice on teaching theme. It includes definitions, explanations, and examples. Also, there is a review activity at the end of it. This activity is a great way to start your unit on theme. This is a revision of my first theme lesson. Theme Lesson 2 Links Preview Slides Theme Worksheet 1 Are you looking for an engaging activity to help your students review or practice identifying themes in short stories?

Good news!

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You've found one here. In this worksheet students will practice identifying themes in five short stories. Students will read each story, determine the theme, and explain their answers.

Suggested reading level for this text: Grade In this worksheet students will read five original short story passages and determine the theme or message of the story. Also, they will explain how they got their answers. Students read the short stories and extract the message. Then they support their answers with textual evidence. Being able to support your answer with textual evidence is more important. This theme worksheet requires students to do both. It has five passages from which students can extract a message.

Students support their answers with textual evidence.

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